3 Lipstick Tricks No One Tells You

Whether it’s a bold red or a more subtle pink, lipstick is the perfect way to finish a look.

However, sometimes lipstick can be a lot of work. The constant touch ups, the potential for your lips drying, or worse — getting lipstick on your teeth! There are lots of things that can go wrong.

But these little tips will help your lipstick last longer and look better.

Plump your lips naturally

If you want naturally full lips, start by mixing 1–2 drops of peppermint oil in your lip balm. The peppermint oil will naturally plump your pout.

Start with foundation

If you want to ensure that the lipstick in the tube is the exact color that goes on your face, you’ll need to apply a bit of foundation to your lips. That way the natural color of your lips won’t taint the lip color. The foundation will also help your lipstick last longer!

Make your lipstick last

You can make any lipstick last for 24 hours with a little trick makeup artists use. After you apply your lipstick, blot your lips, and apply a very small amount of translucent powder to your lips with a large brush. The powder will set your pout all day long.