3 Ways You Can Use Hair Extensions to Style Your Hair

People used to be very ‘hush, hush’ about their hair extensions. We’re so glad we’ve moved past that. Hair extensions can really amp up your look at give that extra ‘wow’ factor for daily wear or a more special event. Here are some YouTubers who have great hair extensions!

Amber Fillerup is the undisputed queen of extensions, braids and perfect hair. She even has her own hair extensions line! You are new to extensions or you want to try some unique braided styles that use extensions, watch Amber’s hair tutorials.

Bailey B doesn’t often wear extensions, but she did test these faux bangs and we absolutely love them. This is a great option for women who want to try bangs but don’t want to fully commit to cutting their hair off. She used Hairdo Clip-In Bangs for this look.

Everyone wants Victoria’s Secret hair. It’s long, flowing and flawless. Natalie Jensen has an easy-to-follow hair tutorial so you can get the same look. Natalie uses extensions in this style to lengthen her hair and make it fuller.