Ask a Creator: What is the most inspiring YouTube video you’ve ever seen?

We asked our Octoly creators what the most inspiring YouTube video they have ever seen is. Take a look at the videos that inspire our creators below:

Meghan Rienks did a video called “What’s It Like to Have Anxiety” that was so artsy but accurate, it really captured the feeling in a relatable way for people who have never experienced anxiety. The video was professionally done and turned out beautiful. I definitely recommend checking it out. Watching the video is comforting if you know what anxiety is like, and informative if you don’t. It stuck in my head. — Elle Schaffhauser
This video has always been inspiring and eye opening to me even though it is SO old. However, I must say our Octoly creators can contour even better than this girl’s team of makeup artists! — Clare Brown
This one never gets old. I think it’s so important to love ourselves without the glitz and glam even if we are makeup obsessed. Naked faces are cool too. ;) — Latasha James