Brand Spotlight: Beauty Solutions LTD

Today we are interviewing the skincare gurus over at Beauty Solutions LTD. ​this company exists to provide affordable beauty solutions to women and men around the globe, enabling them to improve their looks, gain confidence, and express their personalities. Enjoy their interview below!

Tell us a bit about Beauty Solutions LTD.

​Beauty Solutions, Ltd. produces quality products for women and men around the world, at affordable prices. Our goal is to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers, and deliver outstanding products with result-driven effectiveness that earn both their respect and loyalty to our brands. ​

If a woman only has a budget for 2–3 skincare products, which products should she use?

​This usually depends on the results one is looking for. If it is anti-aging, a day and/or night cream (day with SPF) is best, paired with eye cream or eye gel is dark circles, puffiness, or fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are a concern. I highly recommend a serum, a highly potent treatment, and always applied before a day/night cream. If one has lack of moisture, I recommend an oil under or mixed with day/night cream. A core 2–3 products usually depends on the skin needs and what each woman seeks in correcting.​

You all have so many amazing products. How does a woman select the Beauty Solutions product that is best for her?

​This really depends on the type of skin concern or need one has. For targeted treatments, such as dark circles, fine lines or undereye puffiness, our Eye Gel is a fabulous choice. If one wants instant gratification and a quick “pick-me-up” before a night out, our “eye gel pads” are a great “go-to” plan. We highly recommend using what needs attention (area of face/body), but we also believe in creating a regimen to both prevent and correct skin. ​

What is your current best seller?

​Our number one seller from RETINOL is truly a toss up between our Day Cream with SPF 20, Night Cream, and our Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum. From our ​MOODmatcher brand, our top seller is the MOODmatcher Green lipstick, with the Yellow, Light Blue, Pink, and Orange a close second.

Do you have any exciting brand news?

​We always have exciting brands news. We just re-packaged our RETINOL brand, and are going through some updating soon with our MOODmatcher brand. MOODmatcher will also be releasing new colors come early 2017 — color scheme is not public just yet. ​

What is the best skincare advice you can give to Octoly creators?

​Create a regimen, look for products that prevent and correct, look for moisturizing and hydrating skincare products. Anti-aging is vital, especially starting early.

With lipsticks — pick a lipstick that looks great with your skin tone, complements, and does not look dull. Reapply lipstick if you need to, to always look fresh, although no touch-ups are needed with MOODmatcher, the 12-hour long-lasting lipstick that changes color upon application to match your body’s chemistry. ​

Can you tell us a bit about the technology behind the incredible Mood Matcher lipstick?

​We do not release any information about the technology behind the lipsticks, but we can tell you they are safe and truly change color with your body’s pH and skin tone, to give each woman the best color for their complexion and look. MOODmatcher essentially looks good on everyone by providing this personalized color — that also lasts 12-hours long. ​

When should a man or woman begin an anti-aging skincare regimen?

​Both men and women should begin using skincare products as young as their early 20’s. We believe that our skincare products are great for anti-aging AND great for age prevention, early on. It would be great if everyone was proactive and took care of their skin early on, before fine lines and wrinkles appear. ​

If you could only pack five beauty products for a trip, which products would you choose?

​LIPSTICK (for women). MOODmatcher is a must — lightweight, long-lasting color, looks good on everyone with personalized lip color. I would add on my day and night cream, serum, eye gel and cleanser! Both of our cleansers — both our Gel Cleanser and Cream Cleanser — are wonderful options to wipe away daily dirt and clean out impurities.