Product Spotlight: Sonoran Skincare Avocado and Hazelnut Hair and Skin Conditioner

Winter weather can make your skin and hair especially dry. Octoly creators are loving Avocado and Hazelnut skin and hair conditioner be Sonoran Skincare.

SONORANSKINCARE thoughtfully handcrafts each conditioner to address the specific needs of people with dry hair and skin. They include exclusive ingredients to lock in moisture including ultra rich emollients to smooth and soften, and vitamins and fatty acids to provide nourishment for the hair and skin.

The Avocado and Hazelnut hair and skin conditioner uses the oils of avocado, hazelnut, and mango to hydrate dry hair and skin. Whether used as a body lotion or a deep conditioner, this product keeps the hair and skin soft, smooth, and visibly radiant.

Here’s what our creators think!

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