The Best Halloween Costumes on YouTube

Halloween is here! We hope you had fun celebrating this weekend, and maybe you were lucky enough to be able to wear your costume to school or work today!

We already talked about how amazing the Halloween makeup was on YouTube this year, but we didn’t touch on costumes. YouTubers really stepped up this year and provided some amazing Halloween costume ideas. Whether you need a last-minute Halloween costume for tonight, or you are already planning your costume for next year, there is so much creativity on YouTube to explore on Halloween!

Talk about incredible! CloeCouture comes up with ONE HUNDRED costume ideas for one video. you basically don’t even need another costume idea video again.

If scary is more your style, this floating head makeup trend has been huge on YouTube this year. Roxxsaurus adds an extra layer of creepy with the exposed spine!

Pop culture costumes are always the best! This year it was all about Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Tess Christine did an amazing version of the costume on her channel.

And no Halloween would be complete without a Scream Queens inspired costume. We love Freddy My Love’s take on this costume. Also, the editing in this video is killer (pun intended).

What are your favorite Halloween costume videos this year?