The Best Studio Lights For YouTubers

Studio lights are not really a necessity for a YouTuber who is just starting out. However, as your channel progresses, it might be a good idea to invest of some studio lighting to make your videos stand out even more.

Also, having studio lights can also be very useful and help you create beautiful videos regardless of where you are. Many YouTubers use studio lighting if they need to shoot inside and don’t have access to a large window or another avenue for natural light.

In the video above, ItsJusyTime shows off how she lights her videos. It is a very interesting and useful video to watch. Judy has a ton of gear and it’s cool to see how she uses it all.

The great thing about studio lighting is that you can generally buy one kit that has everything you need. We love this one from Amazon. This kit comes with:

  • Three Compact fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulbs
  • Two White 32" Umbrellas, Three AC Adapters
  • Three 10' x 12' Black, White, Chromakey Green Muslin backdrops
  • One Support System, includes support stand, three Cross bar set
  • Two top quality Light Stands, One Mini Light Stand, One Carrying case for the support system

All of this comes for under $200! It’s amazing deal.

Another type of light makeup gurus should consider is a ring light (or a diva light). This light is perfect for makeup tutorials because it distributes light evenly across the face. A right light also helps to smooth and perfect skin. Great ring lights can be purchased in many places. It is up to you to get the light that best suits your price point. Or, you could consider making your own ring light like Tanieya did below.

How do you light your videos?