What is your dream holiday vacation destination?

What’s better than a glamorous vacation during the holidays? It is already a joyous time, a fancy vacation just adds to it. Let’s see where our creators would go if they could take a dream vacation.

So obviously the beach was a big winner with the bulk of our gorgeous creators wanting to go to the Carribean, Bora Bora, and Maldives. Let’e hope they bring sunscreen!

Another popular destination was Europe. And who could blame them? The stunning architecture and rich history could inspire anyone’s wanderlust. Paris, London, and Greece were especially popular destinations. A perfect red lipstick is ideal for those stunning European nights having dinner over candlelight.

Thailand was the last most popular destination. This country is beautiful with endless amounts of things to do, eat, and see. However, you’ll definitely need to bring a good sunscreen for Thailand, too! It gets pretty hot!