YouTuber Spotlight: Nicole Weisman

Today we are featuring the gorgeous Nicole Weisman from the channel makeupmistress89. Nicole is a beauty guru with tons of informative and fun videos on her channel. She also has a great personality, and it really shows through in her videos. We hope you enjoy learning more about Nicole today!

Sweet snacks or salty snacks?

Combo! Salty/Sweet snacks are the best!

What is your favorite movie?

How To Be Single!

Other than YouTube, what’s your favorite social platform?


Instagram Stories or Snapchat?


What is one thing that makes you laugh uncontrollably?

Awkward situations! I have no idea how to react so I just laugh!

What is your favorite viral video on YouTube?

The Power of Makeup! by Nikkie Tutorials

How/why did you start your channel?

In my everyday life, I didn’t really have a lot of people who were as into makeup as I am but I really loved being able to interact with fellow beauty lovers! One day my husband saw me watching YouTube beauty videos and said “Why don’t you do that?!” So I grabbed a camera and sat down to film my first video! Now I get to talk about makeup and beauty products with my subscribers all day and I love it!!

What is your favorite thing about being a YouTuber?

Getting to talk about makeup all day with my subscribers! And having an awesome excuse to buy more makeup!

What is your biggest YouTube pet peeve?

Rude comments! Constructive criticism is one thing, but being a cyber bully is another!

What are your top five favorite makeup brands?

Urban Decay

Laura Mercier

Kat Von D


Anastasia Beverly Hills

You do so many types of videos. What is your favorite type of video to film and why?

Product Reviews! When I am going to buy a new product, especially a more expensive one, I like to know as many details as possible and especially what other people think about it. Is the pigmentation good? Is there a nice color selection? How is the formula?

And now, product reviews are my most popular and most requested videos, so if I can help someone make a purchase decision or save them from buying a sub-par product, then I accomplished my goal!

What is your biggest YouTube dream?

To do YouTube full time and make it my career! I love sharing my passion for the beauty industry, getting to meet other creators and especially interacting with my subscribers! To be able to do that full time would be so amazing!

What has having a YouTube channel taught you about yourself?

It has taught me that being myself is the most important thing I can do! When I first started YouTube, I tried so hard to be perfect…. makeup done like an artist, every strand of hair in place, cute outfit and sometimes re-filming videos over and over again if I messed up while speaking. It was exhausting and not really who I am. So from then on, I decided to just do me, even if that meant going on camera without looking like a movie star! My videos changed totally, I became so much more personable and my engagement from subscribers grew like crazy. Now when I film and post videos, its like I’m just having a day out with my friends!